Monday, July 23, 2012

General Aviation Maintenance (GAM) AeroCommander and Toll Freight Metro Freight Action at Thangool / Biloela Airport

In this Blog post we take a look at the early morning weekday freight action at Biloela / Thangool Airport where the morning begins with a Toll Freight Aviation service arriving from Brisbane at around 6.30am.  The TFX110 freight service is operated by one Toll's numerous Fairchild/Swearingen Metro turbo-prop aircraft.

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On one recent morning, I discovered that on board was about 1.5 ton of cargo.  On arrival of the Toll Metro, the staff at Thangool Airport spring to action to unload the aircraft.

The freight is then sorted for onward distribution to Biloela, Monto, Moura, Theodore and other smaller surrounding areas. What is destined for Gladstone is loaded onto the GAM AeroCommander which was present from the night before.

After the Toll Metro is unloaded, it is quickly closed up in preparation for departure to Emerald.  The TFX110 freight service operates each weekday morning, from Brisbane to Emerald, via Thangool, with the evening TFX111 freight service operating in reverse.

As mentioned above, all the freight destined for Gladstone is loaded on board the waiting GAM AeroCommander 500-S, which had arrived into Thangool from Rockhampton the night before.

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The 'shrike' that was assigned to operate the Central Queensland route for this week was VH-KAK, which was to be flown by one of GAM's pilots.

After loading the AeroCommander, it was soon ready to depart for its brief flight back to Gladstone, where after unloading there, it will sit for the days, until it departs for Rockhampton and Thangool later in the evening.

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