Friday, September 20, 2013

New Flying School at Gladstone Airport Through Pro-Sky Flight Training and the Gladstone Aero Club - Plus BBQ This Weekend

A reminder that Pro-Sky of Maryborough - in conjunction with the Gladstone Aero Club - will again be offering quality yet affordable flight training out of Gladstone Airport this weekend.  It appears that the need for this type of high quality flight training in the Gladstone region has seen most days of operations be quite popular, with most time slots booked out for one of the various training services.

The Pro-Sky Flight Training Group is an affiliation of schools operating under a single name to provide the highest level of recreational and sports flight training in Australia.

Pro-Sky are able to offer:
- Trial Instructional Flights
- Courses to RAAus Certification
- RAAus Biennial Flight Reviews
- RAAus Passenger Endorsements
- RAAus X-country Endorsements
- GA to RAAus Conversions

Flight training is usually undertaken in an almost new Evektor Sportstar registered 24-8995.  The Sportstar will also be available for hire when not in use for training.

During one recent weekend of training, the Sportstar was joined by Pro-Sky's Skyleader 500 registered 24-8373.  This sleek looking training aircraft is reportedly be the only example of its kind currently in Australia.

24-8373 is again a new aircraft and will be used for training at the two flying schools, supplementing  Sportstar 24-8995 at Gladstone Airport when demand dictates.

The new Gladstone-based flying school is scheduled to operate at Gladstone Airport every Friday and Saturday from the Gladstone Aero Club building, opposite the General Aviation parking apron, which is to the west of the Gladstone Airport Terminal.  Additional training days will be provided should demand dictate.

This Saturday 21 September, the Gladstone Aero Club will also be holding a BBQ at lunchtime. As usual, they will have steak sandwiches and a sausage sizzle available, as well as cold drinks.  The Aero Club BBQ's are the club’s only form of fundraising and members come along and support the club.

For any further information about the Gladstone Aero Club, or flying training at Gladstone Airport with Pro-Sky, the Gladstone Aero Club Secretary Mick Ryan can be contacted via:  Mobile telephone 0419 123 933 or via Email at or alternatively by visiting the Gladstone Aero Club website .

Additionally, further information about Pro-Sky can be obtained by visiting the groups' website .

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