Monday, December 26, 2016

Air Queensland Commences Flying Training and Private Aircraft Hire at Bundaberg Airport

With the recent closure of the Hinkler Flying School, and flying training no longer provided by the Bundaberg Aero Club, flying training school and charter company Air Queensland has decided to expand their operations based at Redcliffe and Caloundra Aerodromes to include Bundaberg in an effort to provide local student pilots, and licensed pilots, an avenue to continue flying at the rum city.

Air Queensland, in conjunction with the Bundaberg Aero Club, is now providing flying training (including RA-Aus) and private aircraft hire at Bundaberg Airport.

They also intend to enhance current operations at Bundaberg Airport early in the new year, including moving into the Bundaberg Aero Club building, and relocating additional aircraft to the city.

While finer detail is still being determined, and more information will be released in due time, it is expected that Air Queensland will provide the 'flying' element, and that they Bundaberg Aero Club manage the 'social' aspect of the joint venture.

Of interest, Air Queensland operates a variety of RA-Aus and VH registered single and twin-engine aircraft including (but not limited too) Sling, Jabiru, Cessna, Piper and Tecnam aircraft.  In this post is featured Tecnam P.92 24-8228 which is currently based at Bundaberg Airport to provide flight training.

To learn more about Air Queensland visit their website at: or you can email:

Additionally, more information about flying training and private aircraft hire at Bundaberg Airport can be obtained by contacting Trevor Fisch on (07) 4156 1075 or by email at:

Thanks to local plane spotter and budding aviator Micah S for sending through these details and photos featured in this post.

We would like to wish all parties involved the very best for their plans in 2017!

All photos taken by Micah S  ©

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