Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mackay Airport Carpark Expansion to Come Sooner Rather Than Later

It's been speculated that a further carpark extension at Mackay Airport may happen sooner rather than later - especially if the Mackay population keeps growing so rapidly.

Passenger numbers through Mackay Airport continue to grow and parking rates have been steady to support further investment into the car park extension. Increased demand has already led to a major expansion of the number of fully sealed, long-term car parks as part of the recent $18 million redevelopment work undertaken at Mackay Airport.

But recent newspaper reports have revealled that that motorists were parking on nearby Boundary Road and throughout the nearby industrial area, as they thought Council fines were cheaper than paying for parking at the airport. The vehicles, many left for extended periods, are believed to be owned by travellers skimping on airport parking fees. The illegally parked cars are fast becoming a danger to other motorists according to the Mackay Regional Council.

Mackay Airport parking prices can be compared to Rockhampton and Brisbane airports, as well as the recently opened paid parking at the Proserpine / Whitsunday Coast Airport. Proserpine Airport offers free parking for the first half hour while Rockhampton Airport charges $2 and Brisbane Airport charges $16. Up to an hour at the airports will cost $4 at Proserpine and Rockhampton and $16 at Brisbane. Long-term parking at Proserpine Airport is $15 per day, $20 at Rockhampton and $40 at Brisbane.

At Mackay Airport there are 638 sealed long-term parking spaces, 204 short-term spaces and 137 covered spaces. Up to half an hour will cost $2.50. One hour will cost $5. Long-term parking will cost $16 per day, while long-term, undercover parking, will cost $20 per day.

A Council Parking fine could cost $50.

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