Monday, September 17, 2012

Singapore Armed Forces Exercise Wallaby 2012 Charters to Begin at Rockhampton Airport on Saturday

Information is starting to trickle through about the upcoming troop and cargo uplift movements expected through Rockhampton Airport for this years Singapore Armed Forces Exercise Wallaby 2012.

Information so far suggests that three airlines - Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and Air New Zealand - are to operate the charters, with the first two inbound flights touching down after dark on Saturday 22 September.

There is the possibility that these will be operated by Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330 type aircraft - certainly an airline that (as far as I know) have ever flown to Rockhampton.

There is currently no information on any Antonov movements.

Incidentally, the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) has been given the all clear to continue training its helicopter pilots in the regional Queensland town of Oakey.

A Federal parliamentary treaties committee has given its support to continue the deployment of an RSAF helicopter squadron at the Army Aviation Centre in Oakey, 160km west of Brisbane.

Given Singapore's lack of its own domestic training areas, parliament was told the city-state greatly valued its access to the Oakey base and the agreement was a major element of Australia's contribution to the bilateral defence relationship.  Australia benefits from the deal because it strengthened the RSAF's capability and made Singapore a more effective coalition partner.

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