Friday, December 7, 2018

A Few Photos of Touchdown Helicopters (Wollongong) OAS Parts (Bell) UH-1H Iroquois VH-OXE as "Helitack 223".

Over the last couple of days, Touchdown Helicopters (Wollongong) OAS Parts (Bell) UH-1H Iroquois VH-OXE as "Helitack 223" has been noted returning to Rockhampton Airport following its deployment to the Mackay region to assist with the bushfire fighting efforts in the region.

VH-OXE was noted flying into Rockhampton Airport from the North on Thursday 6 December before departing Rocky for the South-East on Friday 7 December.  It must've had some sort of problem as it returned to Rockhampton Airport and was photographed below by local photographer Russell P completing an exercise on filling and emptying its attached 'bambi-bucket'.

VH-OXE again departed Rockhampton Airport on Saturday 8 December for the South-East, but on this occasion, it did not return.

I also loved the photos local photographer Russell P also captured of its sister-ship fellow OAS Parts (Bell) UH-1H Iroquois VH-OXI as "Helitack 229" as it returned to Rockhampton Airport late on Monday 3 December.

File photo

See more of Russell's great photos on our Blog post HERE.

Meanwhile, another helicopter that was noted fighting the recent bushfires in the form of Stirling Helicopters (Stirling Consolidated) / Eagle Copters Leasing Bell Helicopter Textron Canada 407 helicopter VH-IBF was noted completing powerline inspections also on Thursday 6 December.

And the visiting New South Wales Rural Fire Service (RFS) Aerospatiale AS.350B2 Squirrel helicopter VH-NFO "Firebird 200" continues its journey 'home' after its brief deployment, noted departing Port Macquarie for the South also on Thursday 6 December.

Sincere thanks to local photographer Russell P for allowing us to share his great photos!

All photos taken by Russell Prothero  ©

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