Friday, December 4, 2020

Some Photos of the Fixed Wing Aircraft Fighting the Fraser Island Bushfire at Maryborough Airport

With the massive bushfire continuing to burn on Fraser Island, as many as six fixed wing fire fighting aircraft have been operating out of the nearby Fraser Coast Airports including Maryborough Airport.  And on Friday 4 December, local plane spotter David G was on had to capture some of the action.

Meandarra Aerial Spraying Air Tractor AT-802A VH-SDJ "Bomber 424" (pictured) and VH-LHW "Bomber 428".

R-Mach Aviation Ayres S2R Turbine Thrush VH-NFF "Bomber 407".

UPDATE!  It appears that fellow R-Mach Aviation PZL Warszawa-Okecie M-18B Dromader VH-MDR "Bomber 402" also (re-)joined the bushfire fight, flying into Hervey Bay (Fraser Coast) Airport from Rockhampton Airport on Saturday 5 December.

Ayres Thrush S2R-T660 VH-FNV "Bomber 412" of South Burnett Air Services at Dalby was noted also completing many flights between Maryborough Airport and Fraser Island the previous day as well.

Emerald-based Central Highlands Aerial Services (CHAS) Air Tractor AT-802A VH-JQW "Bomber 271".

It is expected that all fixed wing aircraft will move to be based at Hervey Bay (Fraser Coast) Airport over the weekend as the fight continues to keep the bushfire on Fraser Island from populated areas.

While down at Bundaberg Airport, also on Friday 4 December, the resident Conair Dash-8-Q400MR C-FFQE "Bomber 141", along with the Agair Logistics P/L Rockwell Turbo Commander 690B VH-LVG "Birddog 273", were also noted completing flights over to Fraser Island and back.

Finally, a couple of helicopters were also noted operating over Fraser Island included Emerald-based Heli Central Williams Helicopter Corp (Bell) UH-1H Huey VH-UHH "Helitak 468" and Elite Helicopters (Brisbane) Aerospatiale AS.350BA Squirrel VH-WMW "Firebird 410".

While Stirling Helicopters Bell Helicopter Textron Canada 407 VH-IBF "Firebird 423" was heard flying from Rockhampton Airport to Gladstone Airport.  And sistership Eurocopter AS350B3 Squirrel helicopter VH-EUM "Firebird 429" returned to Rockhampton Airport after flying South the previous day.

UPDATE!  On Saturday 5 December, VH-IBF "Firebird 423" returned from Gladstone Airport to Rockhampton Airport.  While Stirlings Eurocopter AS.350BA Squirrel VH-WHW "Firebird 421" looked to depard Rockhampton Airport to the fire zone. 

Sincere Sincere thanks to David G for capturing and sending through these great photos from Maryborough!

Photos taken by David Geck  ©

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