Monday, August 7, 2017

Skytrans Airlines Dash-8-100s Pop into CQ Airports on Weekend Sports Charter Flights

Over the weekend, Skytans Airlines Dash-8-100s were noted visiting CQ Airports in various charter flights carrying sports teams to compete in state-based competition games.

On Saturday 5 August, VH-QQB was noted arriving into Gladstone Airport from Cairns as SKP9069.  It then departed to Brisbane as SKP9070.

VH-QQB taxies for departure from Gladstone Airport

It is believed that it may have been carrying the Cairns-based women's and men's teams in the Queensland Basketball League (QBL) which played in both Gladstone and Rockhampton.

It was interesting to note then on Sunday 6 August that VH-QQG flew into Gladstone Airport from Brisbane as SKP9067 - an aircraft swap!

VH-QQG at Brisbane Airport recently on a 'Johnathan Thurston' charter flight  (File photo)

VH-QQG then departed Gladstone Airport for Cairns but as SKP9068.

Meanwhile, also on Saturday 5 August, VH-QQF was noted arriving into Rockhampton Airport from Cairns and Townsville as SKP9101.  It appears to have brought the Townsville Blackhawks Rugby League team to play to Rocky-based Central Queensland (CQ) Capras in the Instrust Super Cup.

VH-QQF on the ground at Rocky on Saturday afternoon

VH-QQF returned to Townsville and then Cairns from Rockhampton Airport much later on Saturday again as SKP9101.

Photos taken by Michael Fleetwood and Lloyd Fox  ©

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