Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Quick Look at the ICP Savannah Ultralight Aircraft

Shane T recently spent a fantastic afternoon flying with a local aviator in his ICP Savannah Ultralight aircraft. The pilot - Greg - owns and operates Savannah-S 19-7747, and this is his third Savannah that he has built since 2006.   Shane met Greg at the recent Old Station Fly-in where there were several Savannahs amongst the participating aircraft.  Two Savannahs that Greg actually built were in attendance.

The ICP Savannah is a high wing, single engine, ultralight with side-by-side seating for two.  The Savannah is produced in Italy, and has sold in large numbers, particularly in Europe. The Savannah can be supplied to customers or importers/representatives as a ready-to-fly aircraft or in kit-form to be assembled by the amateur builder.

The Savannah can be enjoyed by the recreational flying enthusiast in basic-form, or, if the owner is prepared to spend additional money, it can be improved.  Such improvements can include, but are not limited too, the addition of a more modern, digital cockpit, to provide the pilot with more information, communication upgrades, enhancements to the engine, undercarriage upgrades, including the fitting of larger, more rugged tyres, as well as the fitting of a variable-pitch propeller, instead of the standard fixed-type propeller.  There is even an alternate floatplane version called the "Savannah Hydro".

If purchased in kit-form, to be assembled privately, the only main addition that is required to be purchased by the owner is a VHF/UHF radio, and the application of paint.

The Savannah is powered by either a 80hp or a 100hp Rotax engine - although there are other engine suppliers including Suzuki and Jabiru.

Information from the manufacturer suggests that the general cruise speed of a 100hp Rotax powered Savannah VG - complete with vortex generators (VG) to the upper-front section of the wings, designed to improve the angle-of-attack before stalling - is 90 knots, with a maximum speed of 95 knots.  It is recommended for the speed to never exceed 108 knots though!  Stall speed with full flaps is a very slow 26 knots, although approach speed is about 34 knots. 

The maximum range of the Savannah with standard fuel tanks is approximately 355 Nautical Miles.

There are several variants and that includes the S, XL, XL Bushmaster, XL Widebody and the XL-VG.  The price of a fly-away (ex-Brisbane) Savannah XL Bushmaster is currently $82,950 which includes GST.

In Australia, the Importer/Supplier of the ICP Savannah recreational aircraft is Aerokits... (including the three dots!).  The link to their website can be found HERE.

Alternatively, more information can be obtained by contacting Aerokits... directly by phone on: (02) 6729 9202, by email by clicking HERE.

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