Friday, May 31, 2013

Gladstone Airport in Top 10 for On-time Plane Arrivals in April

The Gladstone Observer newspaper has recently reported that local travellers have enjoyed a welcome surprise during April, with both Virgin and Qantas improving on-time services in and out of Gladstone Airport.

In fact, Gladstone ranked in the top 10 best locations for on-time plane arrivals in April, with a Department of Transport report finding just 13% of Brisbane-Gladstone planes running late, while flights leaving Gladstone for Brisbane ran late 18.4% of the time.

The figures are well down from February, when frustrated passengers saw 27.7% of Brisbane to Gladstone flights arrive late, and 30.7% of departures from Gladstone to Brisbane delayed.

During April, just 2.5% of Brisbane flights coming to Gladstone were cancelled, and 2.3% leaving Gladstone.

Meanwhile, long-suffering Brisbane commuters still faced plenty of delays - 2483 flights out of 11,203 were delayed by 15 minutes or more in the capital during April, compared with 2678 flights out of 11,304 in March.  And a quarter of arrivals at Brisbane were late - but the result is the best since November.

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