Sunday, February 24, 2013

For Sale! Amateur Built Thorp T-18 VH-IXI 'Skippy' at Gladstone Airport

Gladstone Aero Club member, John G, has decided to sell his much loved and immaculately maintained Thorp T-18 VH-IXI, which he affectionately nicknamed 'Skippy'.

Photo taken by Jamie C  ©

'Skippy' is a 1977 Amateur Built Thorp T-18 and is powered by a single Textron Lycoming piston engine. The plane is classified as an aerobatic aircraft.  On a previous profile of 'Skippy', we discovered from John that the general cruising speed of the aircraft is about 150 knots, with a maximum speed of about 160 knots. 'Skippy' can operate with the economical cruising speed of about 140-145 knots, and at a cruising altitude of 6000-7000 feet, the aircraft has an endurance of about 3 hours flying time.   

Our profile of VH-IXI 'Skippy' can be found HERE.

If you or perhaps you know of any potentially interested buyer, John can be contacted by email at:


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