Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Colourful Little Jabiru J-200 19-3778 Passes Through Gladstone Airport Monday

It was a pretty quiet weekend in CQ, but Jamie C has spotted a couple of nice little aircraft at Gladstone Airport.  On Monday 14 January this bright and colourful Jabiru J-200 19-3778 passed through from and to parts unknown.

It is interesting to note the colour scheme of the Jabiru - adorned with numerous stickers for all sorts of products!


Meanwhile, on Sunday 13 January, Grumman American AA-5B Tiger VH-SYW, was caught by Jamie as it departed Gladstone.

All photos taken by Jamie C  ©


  1. Do you have a zoomed in photo of the Little Jabiru J-200 19-3778? I would like to see those stickers up close. Thanks!

    -Avionics testers @ AvionTEq

  2. It is Josh's plane if that's why you want to see the stickers.