Thursday, November 8, 2018

Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Beech B350 Super King Air Turboprops Also at and above CQ Airports This Week

As well as the corporate bizjet movements transporting Prime Minister Scott Morrison around Central Queensland Airports this week - see Blog post below - there has also been a couple of Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Beech B350 Super King Air turboprop aircraft doing the rounds flying into and above several CQ Airports.

A32-348 at Rockhampton Airport during a previous visit  (File photo)

On Tuesday 6 November, Super King Airs A32-348 as "Torch 46", followed by A32-339 as "Torch 22", both flew North from Oakey on a navigation exercise, tracking up the Queensland coast via overhead the Sunshine Coast, Maryborough, Bundaberg, Gladstone and Rockhampton Airports.

They were noted then descending from Mackay for low-level airwork around Brampton Island before landing at Hamilton Island Airport. 

Both Super King Airs were then later noted landing at Cairns.

Then on Wednesday 7 November, fellow RAAF Super King Air A32-372 as "Hudson 32", was noted flying into Roma Airport from RAAF Base East Sale in Victoria.  It then departed to Townsville.

Finally, on Thursday 8 November, A32-339, this time as "Hudson 32", which flew north from Oakey on Tuesday, landed at Longreach Airport from Townsville.  It then departed to East Sale.

While A32-348, again as "Torch 46", was noted arriving into Rockhampton Airport from Cairns.  It then departed to Oakey via the Queensland coast.


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