Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Courier Mail Takes a Stand on Brisbane Airport Delays

Sighting several Central Queensland routes, The Courier Mail newspaper has urged travellers to take a stand, and let the Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) know in no uncertain terms to stop wasting time and make some improvements to the ridiculous number of delayed flights.

In 2012, some 26,992 flights in and out of Brisbane were delayed, affecting 2.5 million passengers.  Some of these flights were from Central Queensland Airports, with Bundaberg-Brisbane, Emerald-Brisbane, Gladstone-Brisbane, Mackay-Brisbane and Rockhampton-Brisbane flights due to arrive around 5pm, experiencing delays by as much as 50 minutes.

The delays have largely been caused by the closure of the smaller crossing Runway 14/32 at Brisbane Airport meaning that all traffic must land on the main Runway 01/19, causing a bottleneck.

The Courier Mail has launched a campaign calling on the BAC to find a quick solution to the congestion that is causing pain to passengers, businesses and the Queensland economy.  Mid-air circling because of peak-hour flight traffic has become a regular pain for passengers travelling into Brisbane.  In fact, last Tuesday evening, our flight from Emerald into Brisbane was delayed by 20 minutes due to holding caused by the wet weather.

Despite all this, the Airport's owners still claim that Brisbane Airport is operating at under half its capacity and can handle hundreds of aircraft a day.

To learn more about The Courier Mail's campaign, visit their website HERE.

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