Saturday, March 30, 2013

Virgin Australia Cancels Direct Flights Between Rockhampton Airport and Sydney

News has surfaced recently that Virgin Australia will cease operating its direct flights between Rockhampton and Sydney.  The last direct service to Sydney is expected to depart Rockhampton on Sunday 28 April.

The writing has seemingly been on the wall for the direct Sydney flights from last year when Virgin Australia CEO John Borghetti reportedly informed 130 business people at a local business leaders forum that the direct Sydney to Rockhampton route was not financially viable.  However, a considered decision was made to continue that route due to his belief in supporting regional Queensland and Australia.

Virgin Australia have been operating a midday direct daily service (except Tuesday and Saturday) from Sydney to Rockhampton operated by a mix of Boeing B737 and Embraer E-190 aircraft.

The main reason highlighted for the failure of the route was the timing of the midday direct Sydney to Rockhampton flight which is not considered to be conducive to corporate business travellers   Whilst the Monday and Friday direct services were heavily patronized, the remaining days ran at about 75% occupancy, which affects profitability in an already low yield environment.

The Sydney to Rockhampton services weren't the only flights to be cut by Virgin recently, with Canberra to Hobart flights also cut.

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