Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thai Aviation Service Sikorsky S-92A Helicopter HS-HTH Passes Through Emerald Airport

A nice large helicopter to pass through Central Queensland on Thursday 14 September was Thai Aviation Service (Thailand) Sikorsky S-92A HS-HTH, which passed through Emerald Airport while on a ferry flight to the Helitek Helipad in Brisbane.

HS-HTH started the day in Normanton and it was initially forced to divert to Hughenden for fuel (due to headwinds) before it continued to Emerald Airport where it took on more fuel.  From Emerald, HS-HTH then continued to the Helitek Helipad on the Brisbane River - where local plane spotter Simon C captured the massive helicopter while on finals.

HS-HTH had ferried into Darwin from Kupang (Indonesia) on Tuesday 12 September.

Photo taken by Simon Coates  ©

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