Tuesday, April 20, 2021

2021 Helibiz Australia Helicopter Safari Takes off from Hervey Bay (Fraser Coast) Airport and Calls into Multiple CQ Airports

Over the weekend, 19 helicopters gathered and parked at the Hervey Bay (Fraser Coast) Airport as the 2021 Helibiz Australia Helicopter Safari kicked off with all 50 crew members enjoying the sights at the stunning nearby Lady Elliot Island.


Early on Tuesday 20 April, all 19 helicopters departed the Hervey Bay Airport, flying in different directions up around Lady Musgrave and Heron Islands before heading inland and calling into Gladstone and Rockhampton Airports to refuel before they finished the day up at Hamilton Island Airport.

The helicopters noted in the safari included...

Victoria based Robinson R66s and R44 VH-GTH, VH-TWS and VH-LLH all landed at Gladstone Airport enroute to Hamilton Island Airport.

While landing at Rockhampton Airport were Robinson R44 VH-TIB, Robinson R66 VH-ESJ, Queensland Synergy Robinson R66 VH-UVU, Bankstown Helicopters (New South Wales) Robinson R66 VH-LHG, Robinson R66 VH-CSG, Touchdown Helicopters Eurocopter EC120B VH-YTT, Bell Helicopter Textron 206L-4 VH-PRW, Robinson R44 VH-VJM, Robinson R44 VH-NIK, Robinson R44 VH-MWU and Touchdown Helicopters Robinson R44 VH-YZD.

Robinson R44 VH-NIK and Macair Aviation (New South Wales) Robinson R44 VH-VVY were with the group when they departed Hervey but it is unknown where they ended up.

It is reported that after Hamilton Island Airport, the group should depart further to the North before landing on the Bowen water-front on Thursday 22 April and then continuing to the Whitsunday Airport at Shute Harbour for their fly-in and Runway Dinner event this coming weekend.

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