Saturday, July 30, 2022

Jampair P/L (Navair Flight Operations) Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300E Bizjet VH-NSQ Pops into Hamilton Island Airport - Plus More!

On Saturday 30 July, Jampair P/L (Navair Flight Operations) Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300E bizjet VH-NSQ was noted visiting Hamilton Island Airport.  It arrived from Sydney before later departing back to Archerfield.

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While AirMed Australia (Metro Holdings) (New South Wales) Cessna 510 Citation Mustang bizjet VH-SQY flew into Hamilton Island Airport from Archerfield.  It later departed to the Gold Coast.

And over on the mainland at the Whitsunday Airport at Shute Harbour, Australia Skydive Cessna 208 Caravan VH-YMV flew down from Tully where it had been operating in recent weeks.

Cessna 208 Caravan VH-DZQ, which is also operated by Australia Skydive, flew out of the Whitsunday Airport at Shute Harbour for Cairns.

Of interest, other Cessna 208 Caravans performing skydive operations around North Queensland include VH-DVS at Tully and VH-XLF at Innisfail.

Meanwhile, also on Saturday 30 July, Platinum Aviation (South Australia) Hawker Beechcraft B200 VH-XBZ landed at Longreach Airport from Cairns before then departing to Adelaide.  It looks to have flown up to Far North Queensland around two weeks ago.

Bunderra Cattle Co (Rockhampton) Piper PA-46-350P Malibu Mirage VH-KNV departed Rockhampton Airport for Rolleston, Boulia, Alice Springs and Barrow Creek.

Central Highlands Aerial Services (CHAS) Cessna 208 Caravan VH-LMZ flew from Rockhampton Airport to their Emerald Airstrip.  It looks to have flown across to Rocky two days earlier.

Seair Pacific / Istlecote Textron Aviation (Cessna) 208B Caravan VH-TQI flew into Longreach Airport from Birdsville on what appears to be another closed tourist charter flight.

UPDATE!  On Monday 1 August, VH-TQI departed Longreach Airport and flew into Lady Elliott Island and then the Gold Coast.

And UTS Geophysics / Aviation Utilities Eurocopter AS 350 B3 Squirrel helicopter VH-VOW was noted flying South from Charleville Airport after starting the day at Mount Isa.

Finally, also on Saturday 30 July, and at my local Clermont Aerodrome, Brisbane-based Hewitt Cattle Australia P/L SOCATA TBM 700 VH-PGA flew from Archerfield to Moura Aerodrome and then Clermont Aerodrome.  It then flew to a remote property before returning to Moura and Archerfield.

And 1957-built New South Wales based Cessna 180 VH-MTF departed Clermont Aerodrome for Mareeba.  It had arrived from the South the previous evening.

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