Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Quick Look at Some Local Gladstone Airport General Aviation Aircraft and Their Owners

We were recently taking a few photos at Gladstone Airport, and we ventured around to one of the more secluded parts of the airfield where there are several hangars that contain locally owned and operated light and ultralight aircraft.  And fortunately for us, we found that a couple of the hangar doors were open.  After introductions, we were able to take a closer look, as well as find out more information about the present aircraft.

Firstly, an old 1962-build Cessna 172 in the form of VH-CBC was noted.  It has just arrived back at the Airport after departing earlier in the day on an aerial photography mission.

File photo

In another hangar, we found Amateur Built Jodel D18 19-4789 - which happens to be powered by a second-hand sourced Subaru engine.

Another ultralight in the form of 19-1860 was noted.  This aircraft appears to be a work-in-progress and hence details are little sketchy on its true identity.

Lastly, we found an Amateur Built T-18 in the form of VH-IXI.  There were also two other project planes which are still under construction and unable to be identified.

Sincere thanks to the local operators for allowing us into their hangars to have a look at their unique aircraft - a great bunch of gentlemen, and we hope to visit them and talk planes again soon!

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