Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Aussie Fly-Aways Queensland Coastal Adventure Air Safari Touches Down at Whitsunday Airport

Jimi L was on hand (sitting by the pool apparently!) when the participants in the "Aussie Fly-Aways" Queensland Coastal Adventure Air Safari touched down at the Whitsunday Airport at Airlie Beach on Monday 30 April.  The Safari started at Hervey Bay, and will finish with participants touching down in Far North Queensland in Daintree.

All arriving in quick succession from "Old Station" at Raglan near Rockhampton - their previous stop up the Queensland coast - were:

Brisbane-based Piper PA-30 VH-ESL

Victorian Piper PA-30 VH-MEG

Victorian Piper PA-30 VH-TSJ

Victorian Piper PA-30 VH-PBH

Sunshine Coast-based Cessna 303 VH-UZX

St. George (Queensland) Air Farmers Cessna 180 VH-WSD

Nanango-based Amateur-built F1 Rocket VH-DUG

Sunshine Coast-based Cessna 310, VH-CWZ also arrived from Old Station

Meanwhile, one other Piper PA-30 VH-FFE was also noted in the Safari, although this aircraft arrived at the Whitsunday Airport from Agnes Water.  VH-FFE is based on the Sunshine Coast.

Also spotter by Jimi L on Monday 30 April was locally-based Neico Lancair 360 VH-CLW.

Hamilton Island-based Whitsunday Air Services De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver Float Plane VH-ZDA also arrived.

Thanks to Jimi for your fantastics photos!

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