Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Australian Army NH Industries MRH-90 Multi-Role Helicopters at Mackay and Rockhampton Airports Tuesday

The Australian Army NH Industries MRH-90 Multi-Role Helicopters spotted at Rockhampton Airport on Monday have been noted flying through Central Queensland on Tuesday 4 February, this time heading South through Mackay Airport and once again, Rockhampton Airport.

File photo taken by 'IAD'  ©

Townsville plane spotter Dave - who has been in Mackay for work this week - spotted three MRH-90s at Mackay Airport.  They were noted to be A40-005, A40-006 - which were both previously noted at Rockhampton and seen to be heading to Townsville on Monday - along with A40-018, which joined the other two, this time heading South.

A40-018 at Mackay Airport last year.  (File photo)

After leaving Mackay, the trio - flying together under the callsign "Crusader" - possibly landed at Rockhampton before they were noted heading further South to Oakey.

Stay tuned to the CQ Plane Spotting Blog for some great photos from Mackay Airport this week!

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