Sunday, February 9, 2014

Some More Fantastic Plane Spotting Photos from Mackay Airport Last Week

As we posted below, Townsville plane spotter Dave ventured to Mackay last week for work commitments, but managed to squeeze in some time to pop into Mackay Airport to capture some fantastic plane spotting photos for us!

The 'fun' for Dave began on Monday 3 February when he captured Virgin Australia Boeing B737-800 VH-VUL as it departed late in the day for Brisbane as VOZ616.  As shown, VH-VUL still wears its white nose cone - or as some have put it - its 'zinc cream'!

Also on Monday 3 February, QantasLink (Cobham Aviation) Boeing B717-200 VH-NXD was captured as it too departed to Brisbane but as QJE1769.

And finally, Jetstar Airways Airbus A320 VH-VQH was captured by Dave as it also departed for Brisbane but as JST889.

VH-VQH was then photographed by Dave early on Tuesday 4 February as it arrived back into Mackay early as JST882 from Brisbane.

QantasLink (Cobham Aviation) Boeing B717-200 VH-NXJ was spotted arriving into Mackay Airport on Tuesday morning as QJE1760.  It later departed back to Brisbane as QJE1761.

Probably the highlight for Dave though was capturing Virgin Australia Boeing B737-700 VH-VBZ, which touched down at Mackay from Brisbane as VOZ601.  It later returned to Brisbane as VOZ604.

Alliance Airlines still operate their Fokker F-100 jets into Mackay 1-2 times per day on behalf of QantasLink.  On Tuesday 4 February, VH-XWR was captured by Dave departing to Brisbane on behalf of QantasLink as UTY2643.

Dave's morning was topped off by capturing Tigerair Airbus A320 VH-VNK touching down at Mackay from Melbourne (Tullamarine) as TGW382.

As we posted below, Dave's lunch break was highlighted by him capturing three Australian Army NH Industries MRH-90 Multi-Role Helicopters as they passed through Mackay on their journey South from Townsville to Oakey.  The three choppers wore the serial numbers A40-005, A40-006 and A40-018, and were noted departing to Rockhampton using the radio callsign "Crusader".

After his work commitments, Dave returned to Mackay Airport later on Tuesday 4 February and he managed to capture some the evening cargo movements that call into Mackay.  Pel-Air Avaition SAAB 340A Freighter VH-KDK was photographed as it departed for Rockhampton as PFY7115.  It would later continue to Brisbane.

Also departing Mackay for Rockhampton was Toll Freight / Toll Express Metro III VH-UUO as TFX161.  It too continued to Brisbane.

Early the next morning on Wednesday 5 February, Dave captured fellow Toll Metro III VH-UZP - wearing Toll's new colours - arriving into Mackay as TFX161 from Rockhampton and earlier, Brisbane.

Local helicopters captured by Dave included Whitsunday Helicopters recently acquired Eurocopter AS.350B2 VH-DBJ and along with Aviation Tourism Australia (Mackay Helicopters) Bell 430 VH-HIA.  Both local operators and their helicopters operate numerous flights from Mackay Airport to nearby destinations such as Blossom Banks and White Tip Reef carrying workers and marine pilots.

As mentioned below, on Wednesday 5 February, Dave managed to capture the arrival and departure of Victorian-based Cessna 650 Citation VII bizjet VH-ING.

It arrived from, and later departed back to Melbourne (Essendon) Airport.

Again a highlight on Wednesday morning was the capture of the 'other' Virgin Australia Boeing B737-700 VH-VBY, which flew into Mackay from Brisbane as VOZ601.

Finally, during the late afternoon on Wednesday 5 February, Dave captured the departure of Jetstar Airways Airbus A320SL VH-VFU from Mackay to Brisbane as JST889.

As shown, VH-VFU is one of Jetstar's A320s to have the blended winglets known as 'Sharklets'.  Of note on VH-VFU is that one 'Sharklet' is grey, while the other is orange like Jetstar's other A320SL aircraft. 

Some truly fantastic photos that Dave has been so kind to allow us to share with you all.  We sincerely thank him for taking the time out of his busy schedule to capture these images and then allow us to share them.

All photos taken by Dave  ©

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