Friday, February 26, 2021

Alliance Airlines Fokker F-100 VH-UQC Passes Through Rockhampton Airport on Closed Charter Flight to the Red Centre!

A much publicised closed tourist charter flight was noted passing through Rockhampton Airport on Friday 26 February with Alliance Airlines Fokker F-100 jet VH-UQC arriving from Townsville and Hamilton Island Airport before then departing direct to Ayres Rock (Yulara) as UTY569/571/573.

File photo

The closed charter flights and tours were organised by a local tourist company and includes two nights in the red centre of Australia.  It is expected that VH-UQC will return to Rockhampton Airport on Sunday 28 February.

UPDATE!  Indeed on Sunday 28 February, VH-UQC returned to Rockhampton Airport from Ayres Rock before continuing to Hamilton Island Airport and Townsville but as UTY570/572/574.

Photo taken by Greg Weir  ©

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