Thursday, March 22, 2018

More Photos of the Visiting Deer Jet (China) Dassault Falcon 7X Bizjet B-3869 This Time at Mackay Airport

As mentioned below, on Thursday 22 March, the visiting Deer Jet (China) Dassault Falcon 7X bizjet B-3869 arrived into Mackay Airport from Rockhampton Airport on the next 'leg' of its trip around Central Queensland.

The very attractive bizjet is drawing a lot attention and it's no surprise that local plane spotters popped out to Mackay Airport to catch a glimpse.  We are really lucky to have local plane spotter 'JM' share with us some fantastic photos as B-3869 rested quietly on the Mackay Airport parking apron.

At the time of writing, it appeared that B-3869 was due to depart Mackay Airport for Hamilton Island Airport during the latter part of the morning on Friday 23 March.

UPDATE!  Indeed on Friday 23 March, B-3869 departed Mackay Airport for Hamilton Island Airport before continuing to Cairns where it cleared customs and then departed back to Hefei Xinqiao International Airport in China.

Thanks mate!

All photos taken by 'JM'  ©

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