Friday, June 24, 2016

Aero Pearl / AirServices Australia Super King Air VH-FIX at Longreach Airport - And N175JR (ex VH-TLX) Leaves Australia

On Friday 24 June, AirServices Australia / Aero Pearl (Pearl Aviation) Beech B300 Super King Air VH-FIX was noted passing through Longreach Airport while on a flight from Brisbane to Darwin.

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VH-FIX, along with VH-FIY and VH-FIZ, are aircraft operated by Aero Pearl on behalf of AirServices Australia on navigational aid (navaid) calibration flights around Australia and in parts of Asia.  In fact, I note that VH-FIX only returned to Australia from Bali (Denpasar) in Indonesia in mid-March so I assume that it must have been operating overseas.

UPDATE!  VH-FIX departed Darwin for Bali (Denpasar) Airport on Saturday 25 June.

Meanwhile, we reported over the previous weekend about Beech B200 King Air N175JR (ex Aero Pearl VH-TLX) which passed through Longreach Airport on Saturday 18 June while flying from Darwin to Camden in New South Wales.  On Friday 24 June, N175JR departed Camden for Sydney where it completed Customs and Immigration duties before it departed for Norfolk Island, and most likely, onward to the United States of America (USA).

The King Air is reported to be on a ferry flight to the USA where it is to be broken up for spares at Dodson International Parts in Kansas.

One final Super King Air - the Queensland Government Raytheon B350 VH-SGQ - departed Barcaldine Airport on Friday 24 June for Winton.  After a week away from 'home', VH-SGQ is scheduled to return to Brisbane late in the morning on Saturday 25 June.

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