Monday, March 6, 2017

Yakovlev Yak-18T Warbird VH-IBT Pops into Rockhampton Airport

On Monday 6 March, Yakovlev Yak-18T warbird VH-IBT was spotted briefly calling into Rockhampton Airport.  It looked to fly South from Mackay where it appears to be based.

The Russia built warbird is powered by a single Vedeneyev (Ivechenko) M-14P Piston engine.  It was also interesting to note that VH-IBT has its past registration marking (CCCP-44293) and home-country (Kazakhstan) under its current registration marking.  There is also an import badge for Red-Star Aviation.

After taking on fuel, VH-IBT reportedly returned to Mackay Airport.

Thanks to local plane spotters Trevor H and Kayanne H for taking the time to capture and send through these great photos!

Photos taken by Kayanne Hardsman and Trevor Hardsman  ©


  1. Yes that is true, this is my aeroplane and we flew to Rockhampton from Mackay where we reside, and return that day. The trip time is 60 mins. We restored the aircraft from derelict state, my father recovered the wings and brother and father did the full restoration including paint and interior, seals and lines. Thanks for these great photos. Andrew Feneley.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Andrew! Would love to see the Yak myself when I'm in Mackay sometime! Cheers Damian