Saturday, December 9, 2017

General Aviation Maintenance (GAM) Dornier DO 228-202 VH-VJE Landing Gear Issues at Biloela / Thangool Airport

On Friday 8 December, General Aviation Maintenance (GAM) Dornier DO 228-202 VH-VJE was operating the week-daily morning freight flight from Brisbane to Biloela / Thangool Airport when as it was preparing to land, the crew reported that they did not have a green light indicating that the front landing gear was down and locked in place.  The crew aborted the landing and flew around the Airport to troubleshoot the problem.

File photo

Eventually, VH-VJE made an uneventful landing at Biloela / Thangool Airport.

Meanwhile, later in the morning on Friday 8 December, fellow GAM Dornier DO 228-202 VH-VJN was summoned to the rescue of the morning freight run, with it noted departing Brisbane for Bundaberg Airport before it then continued to Biloela / Thangool Airport.

VH-VJN then continued to Emerald Airport to complete the morning freight run.

VH-VJE departed Bilo a short time later and was noted flying at low speed and at a low level back to Brisbane where repairs are seemingly being carried out.

Finally of interest, in late November, the third GAM Dornier DO 228-202 VH-VJD, which had also been a fairly regular visitor to Central Queensland Airports over the last few years, has been sold to Kasas Ltd and was noted departing GAM's Melbourne (Essendon) base for overseas wearing the Kenyan registration marking of 5Y-CHZ. 

VH-VJD at Bundaberg Airport in 2016  (File photo)

Following a six-day-long ferry flight to the African nation, it will join 13 other Dorniers in the Kasas fleet.

Photo taken by Micah S  ©

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