Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Corporate Air / Vee H Aviation Metro 23 VH-VEU Spotted at Mackay Airport - And Also at Gladstone Airport - UPDATED!

Certainly an interesting aircraft spotted at Mackay Airport after the sun went down on Monday 30 April was Corporate Air / Vee H Aviation Metro 23 VH-VEU.

It appears that VH-VEU is possibly on a closed charter flight and possibly arrived into Mackay Airport from Brisbane on Sunday 29 April.

Sadly, its exact movements are not 100% confirmed.

UPDATE!  On Wednesday 2 May, VH-VEU was spotted on the ground at Gladstone Airport.  Information suggests that it arrived from Mackay Airport on Tuesday 1 May and stayed for the night.

It appears that indeed VH-VEU is on a closed charter flight.

VH-VEU looked to depart Gladstone Airport and returned to Brisbane later on Wednesday 2 May.

Photos taken by 'JM' and Col B  ©

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