Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Hevilift Australia (Fixed Wing Division) ATR 42-320 VH-YWH Pops into Gladstone Airport – Twice!

On Tuesday 8 May, Hevilift Australia (Fixed Wing Division) ATR 42-320 VH-YWH was noted visiting Gladstone Airport on what I presume was another training flight from and back to Brisbane.

File photo

On this occasion though, it was interesting to note that VH-YWH used the flight number and radio callsign of ‘HT1/2’ / “Hevilift 1/2" for the inbound and outbound flights respectively.

Then on Wednesday 9 May, VH-YWH was back in the air and reportedly flying from Brisbane to Moranbah Airport again ‘HT1’ / “Hevilift 1”, although for some unknown reason, the flight diverted and landed at Gladstone Airport.  After a couple of hours on the ground, VH-YWH returned to Brisbane this time as ‘HT2’ / “Hevilift 2”.

UPDATE!  According to the Hevilift Australia Facebook page, the trip to Gladstone Airport on Wednesday 9 May was planned and was their (check flight) examination flight to achieve their Air Operator's Certificate (AOC).  It certainly looks like Hevilift 'passed' with flying colours!!

Hopefully regular Fly-in Fly-out (FIFO) charter flights are not far away!

Photo taken by Col B  ©

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