Saturday, December 20, 2014

Some More Recent Photos from The Bundaberg Gliding Club

On a weekend in late November the Bundaberg Gliding Club played host to both Bundaberg and Southport Squadrons of the Australian Air League. The Bundaberg Gliding Club, which is situated around 25 minutes from Bundaberg, uses a combination of winch launching and aero towing to get the gliders into the air. On this occasion they were using the V8-powered winch to launch the gliders.

The only glider that was being flown was a Blanik L-13 registered VH-GPS.

VH-GPS on one occasion, due to the changing winds had to land long, which means the glider flew a couple of feet above ground before touching down at the other end of the runway.

Apart from this most landings were normal, bar one where the pilot was a little heavy footed on the brake!

A great day of soaring was enjoyed by all.

The Bundaberg Gliding Club was formed in 1965 at the clubs current site at Elliott Field, 20km south of Bundy on the Childers Road, just down from the Elliott River Forestry Tower.

At present, the club has 25 flying members. Currently they have a fully rebuilt  L13 Blanik available for Air Experience Flights and student training. There is a privately owned Twin Astir that is available for cross hire as well. The club also owns half of a Pilatus B4 which is online for solo pilots with a minimum of 20 solo hours.

All launches at the airfield are by winch. Flying takes place every Sunday, weather permitting.

Air Experience Flight Vouchers are available for a loved ones special occasion. Please contact the club to find out how you can purchase one of these.

Contact the Bundaberg Gliding Club via John Godfrey (Chief Flying Instructor) on 0417071157 or 41280259.  Alternatively, visit their website at -

Sincere thanks to Tom Houghton for the assistance in preparing this Blog post.

All photos taken by Tom Houghton  ©

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