Friday, March 20, 2015

Alliance Airlines Fokker F-70 Jets Continue FIFO to Emerald Airport This Week - Incl a Turn Back due to Mechanical Issues!

The recent run of new Fly-in Fly-out (FIFO) charter flights into Emerald Airport that have been operated by Alliance Airlines Fokker F-70 jets - operating for the Clermont Mine - has continued this week with arrivals on almost every day - and even a turn back due to a mechanical issue!

File photo

On Monday 16 March, VH-JFE and VH-QQY operated morning and evening flights into Emerald from and back to Brisbane as UTY4060/4061 and from and back to the Sunshine Coast as UTY4068/4069 respectively.

Early on Tuesday 17 March, VH-QQY was then operating as UTY4062 from the Sunshine Coast to Emerald but failed to land in Emerald due to a technical issue.  Flight radar websites show that VH-QQY circled Emerald Airport for a short while before returning to Brisbane.  A little later, fellow F-70 VH-JFB then flew into Emerald from Brisbane as UTY4062, later departing to the Sunshine Coast as UTY4063.

Finally, late on Thursday 19 March, VH-QQY flew to Emerald once again, from and back to Brisbane, this time as UTY4066/4067.

It's also worth noting that on Wednesday 18 March, the weekly UTY1070/1071 FIFO flight that Alliance also operates into Emerald for one the Middlemount mines was operated by VH-JFE.

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