Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Conair Dash-8-Q400MR C-FFQE "Bomber 141" Travels from Bundaberg Airport to Fight Bushfire near Ipswich

A bushfire South of Ipswich on Tuesday 13 October saw the resident Conair Dash-8-Q400MR C-FFQE "Bomber 141" depart its Bundaberg Airport base and complete two round trips down to the South-East corner of the state to complete water drops on the fire.

Queensland Government Image...

The Large Air Tanker (LAT) was accompanied by Agair Logistics P/L Rockwell Turbo Commander 690B VH-LVG "Birddog 273" which provided airborne support.  VH-LVG completed one flight to the South-East corner, stopping in at Toowoomba before returning to Bundaberg Airport after "Bomber 141" completed its second run.

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