Monday, April 4, 2016

Search for Missing Fishermen off Fraser Island Brings Multiple Search and Rescue Helicopters and Aircraft to Fraser Coast Airports Monday


Sadly, on Monday 4 April, an extensive air and sea search for two men took place after their trawler capsized near Fraser Island.  Over the course of the day, several interesting helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft were noted (presumably) involved with the search and were noted calling into both Bundaberg and Hervey Bay Airports.

RACQ Careflight / Sunshine Coast Helicopter Rescue Service (SCHRS) Kawasaki BK117 B-2 helicopter VH-BKV "Rescue 511" was also noted on radar flying over the search zone.

File photo

Fellow Careflight Bell 412 VH-XCN "Rescue 588" was noted returning to its Toowoomba base from Bundaberg Airport late on Monday.

One fixed-wing aircraft noted (I presume) participating in the search and rescue mission was Cessna 206 VH-ARS which was noted flying out and back to Bundaberg Airport.

Seemingly coordinating the search and rescue mission was Aerorescue (AMSA - Australian Maritime Safety Authority) / Aero Pearl Dornier 328-100 VH-PPJ "Rescue 471".

File photo

VH-PPJ flew North from Brisbane and after a big day of flying over the search zone, it landed at Hervey Bay Airport to take on fuel before returning South.

UPDATE!  It has brought to my attention that the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Search and Rescue Sikorsky S-76A helicopter VH-LAH that was noted visiting Bundaberg Airport on Monday 4 April was in fact not involved with the search for the missing fishing trawler.  This post has been amended and another post written above.

There may have been more movements but these are notable ones that I observed over the course of the day.

We hope that there is a positive outcome of the search and pass on our thoughts and prayers to all involved.

Photos taken by Ben May  ©

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