Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Few Photos from the Qantas Founders Museum (QFOM) at Longreach Airport

Over the last couple of days, my wife and I ventured to Longreach - in the heart of Outback Queensland - and spent a fantastic morning at the Qantas Founders Museum (QFOM) at Longreach Airport.  We took one of their 'Platinum Tours' which allow for full tours of both Boeing B747-200 VH-EBQ and B707 VH-XBA - including wing walk and visit to the cockpit.  There were also several behind-the-scenes extras that the ordinary tours don't include.  There was even some time for plane spotting!

Our very knowledgeable guide Tom concluded the tour by giving the complete history of the Museum's latest acquisition in the form of Consolidated PBY Catalina VH-EAX which is currently undergoing major restoration work which will eventually include a complete re-paint.

After the tour was complete, we popped into the Museum building for a look at the displays including the replica Avro 504K in the centre of the Museum floor.

Outside, the original Qantas hangar contains the DH-61 VH-UJB and DH-50 VH-UFA.

Finally, outside the museum was DC-3 VH-EAP which has been painted in its original Qantas Empire Airways colour scheme.

The 'Platinum Tour' is by far the best value for money ticket to the Qantas Founders Museum - full tours of the B747 and B707, along with wing walks and cockpit tours, and it even includes photo and meal vouchers to use at the completion of the tour.

Finally, as we were driving out of this lovely outback town, I captured one of the more iconic photos that I have seen around featuring the town sign looking down to the Qantas B747 and B707 sitting in the outback sunshine!

A truly fantastic couple of days - both my wife and I took many more photos so stay tuned to the CQ Plane Spotting Blog for more great images from a must-visit place for any aviation enthusiast!

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