Friday, April 12, 2019

A Quartet of Australian Defence Force (ADF) Aircraft and Helicopters Complete Airwork at CQ Airports

An interesting mix of Australian Defence Force (ADF) aircraft and helicopters were noted completing airwork at some Central Queensland Airports on Thursday 11 April.

During the morning, I heard the unmistakable thump of an Australian Army Boeing CH-47F 'Foxtrot' Chinook helicopter as it departed Mackay Airport after completing a missed approach from the North.

An Australian Army Chinook at Mackay Airport the previous week  (File photo)

The unidentified Chinook was heard to use the radio callsign of "Madcow 371" and proceeded to fly (back?) to Townsville at low level.

Then, during the afternoon, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Boeing C-17A Globemaster III A41-210 "Stallion 47" was noted flying up from RAAF Base Amberley at low-level on the Western sides of Gympie and Bundaberg before is headed West to near Monto and then Thangool.  Following this, it climbed to flight-levels and continued to Townsville.

As the sun was setting, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Alenia (Leonardo) C-27J Spartan transport aircraft believed to be A34-009 "Wallaby 54" was seen completing a touch and go at Hervey Bay (Fraser Coast) Airport.

It flew up from and then returned to the South possibly also completing airwork at the Sunshine Coast.

Another RAAF C-27J Spartan A34-008 "Kaos 51" was also noted flying around parts of South-East Queensland around the same time.

Of interest, we could see more C-27J Spartan aircraft activity around CQ Airports with the current 10 aircraft now reportedly based at RAAF Base Amberley and operated by 35 Squadron.

UPDATE!  On Friday 12 April, C-27J Spartan A34-008 was back in the skies of CQ, this time flying as "Wallaby 52" and noted completing airwork at both Miles and Roma Airports before continuing at low level to Wondai and then Amberley.

UPDATE!  It is believed that on Sunday 14 April, C-27J Spartan A34-009 "Wallaby 41" completed a missed approach at Hamilton Island Airport.

Finally, after dark, RAAF Boeing P-8A Poseidon Maritime Surveillance Aircraft A47-005 was seen completing a missed approach at Rockhampton Airport.

It looked to fly up from completing airwork at Amberley as "Mariner 05" and continued further north to Townsville after completing the airwork at Rocky.

UPDATE!  On Friday 12 April, A47-005 returned South from Townsville and was noted completing a missed approach at Hamilton Island Airport before it then flew to its home at RAAF Base Edinburgh in South Australia.  This time it was flying as "Mariner 06".

Photos and videos taken by 'JM', Ben May and Jason Miller  ©

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