Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Regional Express (REX) SAAB 340B VH-ZLK Pops into Emerald Airport - UPDATED!

Late on Monday 8 April, Regional Express (REX) SAAB 340B VH-ZLK was noted making a surprise arrival into Emerald Airport on what looked to be a closed charter flight.  It touched down from Brisbane as RXA9286.

File photo

After spending the night, VH-ZLK was noted returning to Brisbane from Emerald Airport early on Tuesday 9 April as RXA9987.

UPDATE!  REX SAAB 340B VH-ZLK was back at Emerald Airport in the early evening on Wednesday 10 April, again visiting from Brisbane.  On this occasion, it arrived as RXA9986 and departed as RXA9287.

It is unclear if these REX flights are new closed charter flights as the 'regular' Alliance Airlines-operated Fly-in Fly-out (FIFO) charter flights into Emerald Airport from Brisbane via the Sunshine Coast on both late Monday 8 April and early Tuesday 9 April continued to operate.

Photo taken by Lloyd Fox  ©

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