Saturday, June 4, 2016

Three New Zealand Vans RV Aircraft on "The Great Aussie Flying Adventure" Call into Longreach and Charleville Airports

This week, I was interested to discover that four New Zealand pilots are completing "The Great Aussie Flying Adventure" all the way 'across the ditch' and into Central Western Queensland in three little single-engine Van RV aircraft.  During this week, Don and David Wilkinson in Vans RV-8 ZK-WLK, Bill Luther in Vans RV-7 ZK-WLL and Peter Merwood in Vans RV-6 ZK-VRV, were noted arriving into Longreach Airport from Birdsville on Tuesday 31 May.

They since departed to Charleville and further to Port Macquarie in preparation to head home.  Their original flight plans had to be modified this week due to the massive 'East Coast low' weather system that hit parts of Queensland and New South Wales over the latter part of this week.

You can follow the adventure on a number of websites including their Facebook page:

Or on the SpiderTracks website:

Or on pilot Peter Merwood's Blog:

What a great journey!

Safe travels the four on their return home!

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