Sunday, October 20, 2013

Central Queensland Pilots Reminded to Watch Out for Wildlife as RFDS King Air VH-FDR Hits a Kangaroo at Blackwater Airport

Central Queensland pilots and aviators are being reminded to watch out for wildlife at the region's airports, especially after a recent incident at Blackwater Airport involving a Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) King Air.

Late on Thursday 10 October, RFDS Raytheon B200 King Air VH-FDR was coming into land at Blackwater Airport on a routine patient transfer flight from Rockhampton when it suddenly hit a kangaroo on the runway and came to a halt.

Meghan Kidd / CQ News

None of the people on board were injured, but as the photo - from the CQ News - shows, VH-FDR sustained some damage to its starboard side including to the engine.  The engine required a full 'strip down'.

Kangaroo strikes are becoming more coming, as a spokesperson for the RFDS said.  It is reportedly the third incident of this type in the past 12 months.

After repairs were carried out, VH-FDR ferried back to Rockhampton for more repairs on Tuesday 15 October, before returning to service on Thursday 17 October.

Photo taken by Brendan Berry  © 

Meanwhile, the Rockhampton Aero Club (RAC) has reminded aviators flying to Great Keppel Island that there has been numerous wild goats sighted on the Island's Airport.  The RAC advises that pilots should conduct a low pass prior to landing in case there are any on the strip.

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