Thursday, April 6, 2017

Some photos from Bowen Airport in the Aftermath of Tropcial Cyclone Debbie - Cessna 172 VH-RIS Destroyed

Local plane spotter James K lives and works in Bowen and was right in the thick of the action as severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie passed pretty much right over the city during its destructive rampage through CQ just over a week ago.

Fortunately for James and his family, their house and their possessions escaped major damage, although they (like most of the Whitsundays region) were without power for some days following the storm's arrival.

With power restored thanks to the wonderful work of local Ergon crews, James has sent through some photos he captured at and around Bowen Airport in the days following Debbie's assault on the city.

Most notable was the damage to a locally-based Cessna 172L VH-RIS.  The Skyhawk was built in 1970 and has been on the Australian register since 1972.  VH-RIS has reportedly been abandoned at Bowen Airport for some time - and this certainly seems to be the case given that it was left to face the full force of Cyclone Debbie without being tied down or stored.

The other locally-based light aircraft - 1960-built Cessna 172B VH-BNC - was well looked after, chained down complete with concrete weights!

Meanwhile, James also captured several images of the various military and civilian helicopters and fixed wing aircraft that called in to Bowen Airport to provide assistance in the aftermath of the storm.

We sincerely thank James for very generously capturing and sharing these great photos from Bowen.

All photos taken by James Kirk  ©

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