Sunday, April 23, 2017

Virgin Australia Embraer E-190 VH-ZPI Departs Australia For Good - That's 10 Gone Now!

On Tuesday 18 April, Virgin Australia Embraer E-190 VH-ZPI looked to have departed Australia for good, flying out of Brisbane for Apia (Tonga) as VOZ9901.  It has since continued to Honolulu (Hawaii), Van Nuys (California) and Nashville (Tennessee) for post-lease maintenance.

VH-ZPI is now the tenth Virgin Australia E-190 that has been withdrawn from the fleet (for now) and be transferred to other operators or storage.  It follows VH-ZPD, VH-ZPF, VH-ZPE, VH-ZPG, VH-ZPJ, VH-ZPL, VH-ZPB, VH-ZPA and VH-ZPM whch have all departed Australia since February 2016.

VH-ZPI was the ninth of eleven new aircraft ordered by Virgin Blue in 2006 and it was delivered to Brisbane in September 2008.  It was noted to be wearing the name 'Allie Albury'.

VH-ZPI in Virgin Blue livery lands at Rockhampton Airport in 2013

VH-ZPI in Virgin Australia livery departs Brisbane in late 2014

With the airline renamed in 2011, VH-ZPI was first noted wearing the new titles and livery of Virgin Australia in June 2014.  Of interest, it returned to service following its repaint by flying into Rockhampton Airport from Brisbane as VOZ1235.  VH-ZPI was also renamed 'Seven Mile Beach'.

VH-ZPI's final flight into Central Queensland was back on Wednesday 29 March when it operated the VOZ1707/1710 early morning rotation from Brisbane to Gladstone Airport and back.

VH-ZPI at Gladstone Airport earlier this year

In the meantime, VH-ZPI seemed to operate several Brisbane to Townsville flights before mostly operating out of Sydney for most of this month.

File photos taken by Phil M and Col  ©

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