Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Skydiving Pacific Aerospace PAC750XL VH-ZVM Pops into Rockhampton Airport Heading South

Late on Monday 15 July, Pacific Aerospace PAC750XL VH-ZVM was noted arriving into Rockhampton Airport.  The skydiving aircraft looked to arrive from Coen, Cairns and Innisfail.

VH-ZVM at Bowen Airport last year  (File photo)

After staying for the night, VH-ZVM continued South from Rocky to Toowoomba and Kempsey in New South Wales.

UPDATE!  On Sunday 18 August, VH-ZVM returned to North from Kempsey to Cairns, flying back into Rockhampton Airport from Kempsey and then later departing to Innisfail and Cairns.

Meanwhile, after ferrying South in March, (sometimes) Central Queensland-based Sydney Skydivers Pacific Aerospace PAC 750XL VH-XLC was noted ferrying back North also on Monday 15 July.  It looked to complete an over five hour flight from Caboolture to Innisfail where it looks to have commenced full-time operations.

Photo taken by James Kirk  ©

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