Saturday, July 11, 2015

Maryborough Aviation Services - Re-build of Pilatus Britten-Norman BN2A-21 Islander VH-OBJ

Maryborough Aviation Services (MAS) is based at Maryborough Airport and provides a comprehensive range of aircraft maintenance and refurbishment services, including repainting of aircraft, upholstery renewal/re-trim, avionics upgrades as well as pre-purchase and end-of-lease inspections to name only a few.

I've been following with interest one of Maryborough Aviation Services' current projects which is a major overhaul and full restoration of ex-Alligator Airways (NT) Pilatus Britten-Norman BN2A-21 Islander VH-OBJ.

David G of (MAS) has filled in some of the details of what started out as a 100 hourly and a SB-190 hourly inspection on VH-OBJ.

"The amount of corrosion that was found during the included inspection required the aircraft to be fully stripped for corrosion treatment. Also, the aircraft was in such a sad state, it required a huge amount of replacement parts. So really it was a full rebuild - there wasn't one system that wasn't looked at and repaired in some way."

Recent photos show that VH-OBJ has been repainted, re-sealed, fuel tanks replaced, a new interior fitted and engines re-installed.

MAS has also commenced ground runs to iron the last of the faults at the moment, and hopefully test flights will commence in a few weeks.

To continue following the restoration process of VH-OBJ, Maryborough Aviation Services provide regular updates on their Facebook page :

Well worth checking out!

Sincere thanks to David G for providing the additional information and photos of Maryborough Aviation Services' restoration of VH-OBJ.

Photos taken by David Geck  ©

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