Monday, November 2, 2015

Alliance Airlines Charters Call into Hamilton Island Airport - And More!

An interesting pair of movements to call into Hamilton Island Airport over the weekend with Alliance Airlines Fokker F-100 jets VH-XWO and VH-FKJ operating what appeared to be charter flights from and back to Sydney.

File photo taken by ‘IAD’  ©

On Friday 30 October, VH-XWO flew from Brisbane to Sydney and on to Hamilton Island as UTY551/553.  It then flew onto Townsville as UTY554.

Then on Sunday 1 November, VH-FKJ departed Townsville for Hamilton Island as UTY551.  It then flew to Sydney and then Brisbane as UTY552/554.

Also Sunday 1 November Townsville Airlines (Flightech Air Logistics) Cessna 402C VH-THX called into Hamilton Island, touching down from Lizard Island and departing to Cairns.

At the time of writing on Monday 2 November, Cessna 525 Citation M2 bizjet VH-WMY of Mitchell Water Australia was due to call into Hamo from Brisbane.  Also West Wing Aviation Cessna 208 Caravan VH-TIY was also due to operate a return flight into Hamo from and back to Townsville.

One other bizjet - Cessna 550 Citation Bravo VH-EYJ of Executive Airlines at Essendon - was noted departing Hamilton Island for Sydney and Essendon on Thursday 29 October.  It had arrived on Monday 26 October.

Meanwhile, it was interesting to note that a second Jetstar Airways Airbus A320 broke down on Hamilton Island last week.  After arriving from Sydney as JST846 on Thursday 29 October, VH-VQK was noted flying out of Hamilton Airport on Friday 30 October, positioning back to Sydney empty early as JST7301.  Fellow A320 VH-VGZ broke down earlier in the week.

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