Monday, September 28, 2015

Four Firsts in One Day! Townsville to Rockhampton to The Gold Coast and Back on JetGo Embraer E-135 Jet VH-JZG

A quick post with a few photos from a momentous day for JetGo Australia with Embraer E-135LR Jet VH-JZG operating four inaugural flights on Monday 28 September flying from Townsville to The Gold Coast via Rockhampton Airport and back.

We boarded VH-JZG at Townsville Airport early on Monday and soon the JG70 flight took to the air.

After a quick overfly of the city we landed at Rockhampton Airport to a water-cannon salute by the Aviation Rescue Firefighters and 'goodie' bags from the Rockhampton Regional Council.

The JG70 service then continued onwards the Gold Coast Airport where VH-JZG was parked on Bay 13 day.

We rejoined VH-JZG midway through Monday afternoon and departed North to Rockhampton as JG73 - dodging some typical Queensland storms.

And then finally, we returned to Townsville where we touched down just after 6pm.

It was a long day but it was a historic day where I was able to join with JetGo in launching four new services - we even received commemorative photo-cards to celebrate the historic day (I believe the photo featured was taken by Townsville plane spotter Dave!).

A great day and I hope to have a full Trip Report finished by this weekend!

Additional photos taken by Kayanne Hardsman  ©

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