Saturday, September 19, 2015

McDermott Aviation Bell 214B-1 Biglifter Helicopter VH-SUH Also Spotted at Gladstone Airport

Also spotted at Gladstone Airport on Friday 18 September - and reportedly in town to assist in controlling nearby bushfires - was McDermott Aviation Bell 214B-1 Biglifter helicopter VH-SUH.

The big Bell - built in 1976 - looks to have taken up the airborne firefighting radio callsign of "Helitack 417".

While he was at Gladstone Airport, Col managed to also capture a spectacular video as VH-SUH returned to Gladstone Airport after earlier departing to fire the nearby bushfires.  VH-SUH certainly produced a lot of blade-wash!

Sincere thanks to Col for taking the time to capture and share these awesome photos and video with us!

All photos and video taken by Col  ©

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