Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Few Light GA Aircraft Also Call into Gladstone Airport - Cirrus VH-FOH - Cessna 414 VH-FKH

Local plane spotters Jamie and Tash have also sent through some nice photos of a couple of beaut little light General Aviation (GA) aircraft that have called into Gladstone Airport over the course of this week including Flight One (Services) Cirrus SR20 VH-FOH which visited from its new Archerfield base on Tuesday 9 June.  VH-FOH has recently been delivered to Brisbane flight-training organisation and was believed to be registered N919JS.

On Wednesday 10 June, three nice light GA aircraft called into Gladstone Airport including McNab Aviation Cessna 414A VH-FKH which was spotted departing back to its Toowoomba base after earlier arriving from there.

Also calling into Gladstone on Wednesday 10 June was SR22 VH-VIA which also called in from Toowoomba but later departed to Mackay where it stayed the night, while DND Aviation Raytheon G36 Bonanza VH-JKZ called in for most of the day from Redcliffe.

Thanks to Jamie and Tash for their continuing fantastic coverage from Gladstone Airport!

Photos taken by Jamie and Tash  ©

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