Saturday, June 13, 2015

Three Australasian Jet (AusJet) / ROAMES Cessnas - VH-XBF - VH-FEN - VH-XHI - Also Spotted at Gladstone Airport Recently

Local plane spotters Jamie and Tash have sent through some great photos they captured last week as Gladstone Airport played host to three Australasian Jet (AusJet) / ROAMES Cessna 206s in the form of VH-XBF, VH-FEN and VH-XHI.

The three Cessnas are operated by AusJet on aerial surveys in support of Ergon Energy’s Remote Observation Automated Modelling Economic Simulation (ROAMES) project.  While VH-XBF and VH-FEN are regular visitors to CQ, it is the first time that I have noted VH-XHI operating in the region.

ROAMES technology, developed by Ergon Energy and its partner organisations, allows the creation of precise, 3D geo-spatial representations of assets such as electricity networks, and comprises specially modified aircraft with sensors that include photographic and LIDAR distance measuring equipment.  Using GPS and other technology, it enables Ergon to capture and automatically produce accurate three-dimensional models of an electricity distribution network and surrounding vegetation from the air.

The three Cessnas were noted to have moved onto Rockhampton and operated out of the beef capital for most of the week.

Thanks to Jamie and Tash for capturing and sending through these great photos of three great visitors into CQ!

Photos taken by Jamie and Tash  ©

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