Monday, June 8, 2015

A Quick Look at Stock Air Heliworks - Based at Marlborough - Operations all over CQ from Nebo to Roma to Springsure

A quick look at another one of Central Queensland's other well-known helicopter companies, Stock-Air Heliworks, based at Stockyard Creek, Marlborough, North of Rockhampton.

Stock-Air Heliworks was founded in 2009 and is proudly Australian owned and operated by Andrew and Kym Jenkinson, both of whom have a passion for helicopters.  Andrew himself, has over 4000 hours of flying time and more than 30 years of agricultural experience making him an expert when it comes to helicopter mustering of animals and animal control.

Since 2009, Stock-Air Heliworks has expanded the fleet to include five helicopters - a mix of Robinson R22 and R44 choppers - with access to additional aircraft when and if necessary.

Stock Air Heliworks provides services to a wide are of Central Queensland - from as far North as Nebo, to South of Roma, and out West to Springsure.  They specialise in a range of services including stock mustering, feral animal control, aerial photography, aerial seeding, fodders drops / sling loads, fence & power line inspections and surveys to name a few.  They are also available for general charter work, passenger transfers and wedding transport flights!

For further information, Stock-Air Heliworks can be contacted on (07) 4935 6658 or 0439 798 258.

The official website for Stock-Air Heliworks is located at:

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