Wednesday, June 24, 2015

General Aviation Maintenance (GAM) Dornier DO 228-202 VH-VJE at Maryborough Airport

General Aviation Maintenance (GAM) Dornier DO 228-202 VH-VJE visited Maryborough Airport on Tuesday 23 June.

File photo

On previous occasions that GAM Dorniers have visited Maryborough, they have conducted various training exercises so it is presumed that the visit of VH-VJE was also for training.

It could also have been a closed passenger charter.  It is interesting to note that prior to flying to Maryborough, VH-VJE completed two Fly-in Fly-out (FIFO) charter flights between Brisbane and Miles - a run that GAM currently operates around 40 times per week with their three Dornier 228s that are based at Brisbane - VH-VJE, VH-VJN and VH-VJD.      

Although GAM is based at Melbourne (Essendon) Airport, the aviation company has a dedicated fleet of Aero Commander 500-S and Dornier 228-200 aircraft based at Brisbane Airport to service a wide range of freight and FIFO contracts in Queensland, particularly to the South-Western and Fraser Coast regions of Queensland.

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